TAA Redbook Revisions Coming Soon!!

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The TAA REDBOOK is an invaluable legal handbook that provides industry operational information and practical guidance. In addition to new and familiar statutes and regulations, the REDBOOK captures and digests important information that impacts members each day and offers the resources needed to help meet operational challenges.

All of that is still true with the transition to exclusive online access to TAA’s REDBOOK Online. Originally launched in 2007, the REDBOOK Online website includes all of the operational resources you expect with access to content 24/7, including from mobile devices. In addition to content that was historically available in the printed version, TAA’s REDBOOK Online includes additional content and features articles and forms not previously available in the printed book. All updates to the Online REDBOOK will be completed by mid-January 2024.

Seamless access to TAA REDBOOK Online is provided to all TAA Click & Lease program users with no additional login needed. Subscriptions are also available to members through the TAA website for $50 plus tax per year. Visit www.taa.org for more information or contact communications@taa.org for assistance.

REDBOOK seminars begin February 2024

Sharpen your knowledge of your legal rights and responsibilities as a rental housing owner or manager by participating in one of the REDBOOK seminars or webinars being offered around the state and online.

The in-person “Apartment and Rental Housing Legal Seminars” will once again be offered in two different formats:

  1. an intensive in-person seminar covering legal, leasing and liability issues from the perspective of onsite apartment managers, assistant managers and leasing agents; or
  2. a series of webinar sessions that cover the same critical content, with the convenience of web-based delivery.

Watch the calendar section of the TAA website at www.taa.org/events/ for more details coming soon.

If you have any questions about TAA’s forms or REDBOOK Online revisions or the discontinuation of printed versions, please contact communications@taa.org.