We want you !! Call for Nominations for 2021 Board of Directors

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We are currently taking Board of Directors Nominations for 2021. If you are interested, please fill out the online form below and submit.

Online Board Nomination Form

Annual Board Elections are coming in October and various board positions will be opening up.

The Membership will vote on who will serve so now is the perfect time to notify us of your interest! Positions will be available from both the Property & Vendor side. Please fill out the Board Membership Form and return to us.

We invite you to participate in our open call for nominations for the 2021 PBAA Board of Directors

Nominations must be submitted by Wednesday, October 7, 2020

What is involved?

Commitment: We are looking for members who can commit to a two-year agreement to lead and serve the PBAA Board of Directors through volunteering time in support of association initiatives. This commitment can be an extremely rewarding experience, but can also be demanding-it necessitates hard work and dedication of time.

Leadership: In this role, you will be trusted to be a face and voice of the rental housing industry in the Permian Basin through your leadership service. This involves volunteering, attending events, greeting members, recruiting future members, meeting with partners, networking and always advocating for the value of PBAA.

Why Serve?

Being a board member is more than a title and something to do in your spare time. It is a responsibility and a commitment to our association and membership in the Permian Basin. It's the dedication to see the rental housing industry grow, adapt, thrive and improve in our area. It's the desire to bring new initiatives, speakers, education and inspiration to our membership. It's the feeling you get after a successful event or making a rewarding connection.

We are here to create a community for onsite team members, corporate/home office individuals, owners, management companies , supplier partners, realtors, and anyone that works in or with the rental housing industry. And we're looking for others with the same mission in mind.

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