PBAA Partners with High Sky Children's Ranch


We know that many of you are writing your budgets for 2021 and we want to help you plan for all the awesome things that PBAA has coming in the next year.
PBAA has not had a Due Increase in several years. NAA will be increasing their dues starting in 2021. Therefore, PBAA has made the decision to have a due increase beginning 2021. You will see the increase in your 2021 invoices that will be going out in December. The invoice is due by the end of the 1st quarter.
Owner Members
All Members 50 units and under
Base Rate $375
PAC Donation $25
All Members with 50 + units
Base Rate $375
Price Per Unit $2.79
PAC Donation $25
Vendor Members
Platinum Members $1250 base rate plus $25 PAC Donation = $1275
Regular Members $375 base rate plus $25 PAC Donation = $400
Basic Members $200 base rate plus $25 PAC Donation = $225
The document includeS all luncheons, education and fundraising events that will be going on in 2021 with tentative dates, pricing and sponsorship opportunities to help you with your budget.
If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to the PBAA office. 432.563.1278 or ae@pbaatx.org